I recently came across the term Human Venn Diagram, which sums me up perfectly. I am an amalgamation of multiple disciplines, experiences, and interests; I’ve always had a passion for understanding people, and the majority of my work has been focused on delivering exceptional customer service and improving customer and employee experiences. I was a barista in Wellington for eight years, which I absolutely loved, and my focus in recent years has been to bring that same level of creativity and passion for excellence into the corporate environment at Westpac NZ.


My strength lies in understanding that true diversity is at an individual level, and I use that understanding to create human connections. My passion and enthusiasm is contagious and I relish the process of bringing people together.


I also manage creative projects outside of work, both personally and collaboratively, to ensure I’m continuously pushing myself and constantly learning. I’m fiercely passionate about creativity in all of its forms, and I’m constantly on the lookout for any and all opportunities to learn new skills, try new ideas and meet new people.


I believe, deeply in human potential and the possibilities for the future.  I love to challenge perceptions and initiate discussions about big ideas. By using creativity to make people feel something about themselves and their environments, I aim to help shape the way our society works together in the future.


How I work


Collaboration is a key part of the way I work. I help others to understand each other and I don’t buy into any bullshit. I use positive mediation to bring people on the journey, I sell ideas, and I tell stories. I focus on making people and things better than they are.


I don’t let the limitations of technology, or societies ideas of what’s possible or acceptable get in the way of big ideas. I love presenting work, explaining ideas and stirring up excitement in colleagues and clients. If they get as excited as I do then I class that as a win.


I question continuously, always exploring every possible option and outcome. I push hard, my standards of myself are high and I expect the same of others, but my intuitive and gregarious nature balance this by how much I enjoy the social and emotional connections I make with others.  


I work to set new standards and open people’s eyes to the possibilities for the future. We live in an age where awareness and information are easily attainable and I believe that the work we create and produce today should be done with intelligence and consideration for tomorrow and beyond.