street etiquette

These are two guys, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, from The Bronx, NY. They have a lifestyle/fashion/photography website called Street Etiquette. Ok, so I do realise it's aimed at men, but it's ok because their shit is amazing. Seriously. They have wicked style and I not-so-secretly really want to be their mate but I'd probably fan-girl out and make a dick of myself.

Anyway take a look, they've just released a book, Slumflower, to coincide with an exhibition all based on a short film they made (yeah that make short films too, really rad ones). They also collaborated with VSCO and released a couple of free filters within the VSCO CAM app. I've ordered a copy of the book but it hasn't arrived yet, I'll post when it does and let you know how awesome it is.

They also travel a lot, not sure how and why, probably because they have a blog, that seems to get people around a lot. They call this section of the site Travel Etiquette and basically take heaps of awesome photos of where they go, make a short film, and write about it. Seems fairly simple but they do all three things well and look good while they do it.

Ok I'm gushing, you don't know me that well yet. Have a look at their site and check out their Instagram. Let me know if you agree with me.