kesler tran

I came across Kesler Tran's work about two years ago, I can't even remember how. I've been following him ever since, on Tumblr and Instagram. His shit is incredible. I can't even begin to explain how good it is, really. As most photographers and artists do, I was having a slight creative block at the time, I had zero confidence after finishing my diploma in photography at uni, had just had a baby so couldn't afford gear or film, and had almost written of myself as a photographer for good. I started slowly rediscovering my love of it, not by taking photos but just looking at other people's work. In some ways this probably made me feel worse about my own abilities for a while but it became almost like a creative release. I began to take everything I'd learnt and pretty much critiqued everything I looked at. So when I began following Kesler Tran I found I couldn't fault it. At all. Like every single image was so raw and full of emotion and yet he uses minimal gear, mostly natural or available light, and rarely uses makeup artists or a stylist (well you don't really need one when your models are mostly naked). 

He's based in LA and from what I can tell, he runs workshops every so often, probably not here though. It's a bit far. 

Check out his shit, follow his Tumblr, Instagram doesn't allow boobs and shit so it's not as good on there.